Friday, February 11, 2011


This last week has been interesting and rushed and nerve racking. It is beginning to be the busiest time of year for our family. For some reason since the boys started school and even when we were doing only home school this time of year has always been a mad dash. From the middle of February until the end of May, it is non stop at the house of Lee. I am always ready for this time of year and in a certain way enjoy the crazy hectic schedule. It reminds me of making memories and heading to the warm lazy days of summer, and I know those who know us well will immediately say - "when are you lazy in the summer?" I know we aren't but I look forward to those days of sun and warmth and heading home for a visit. All this has been spinning through my mind for the last week and then I looked around.
Isn't it something to stop and just really take a good look around you, at your life, your friends, your kids, your activities and the nature surrounding you? I have always been amazed that whenever I am stressing out if I just stop and take a look at God's many blessings the stress melts away. I don't mean the the problems end or there is a magical answer to college tuition or taxes, or play rehearsals. I mean that my stress in the beauty and wonder of Gods magnificence fades to peaceful joy.
This last week we here in CO got snow, and for us it couldn't have come at a worse time for roads to be icy and crappy and the wind to blow and the light fluffy snow to make driving a hazard. We had basketball games three hours away, and All-state Choir four hours away. It was stressful and nerves were frayed and shot. As the tension in the car mounted though I noticed God nudging me to LOOK. I paused in my intense concentration to just gaze on the beauty and wonder of God's creation. Blankets of purest white fluffy snow covered the hills and mountains, decorating the trees with white accents on every branch, and not a mark of man to mare the perfection of the white blanket. Sparkling in the sun with diamond like brilliance, that far out shown any diamond I have ever seen. So awestruck and phenomenal was the sight it left me speechless, and thats when I felt it. God's peace, his whole hearted comfort and joy. He made us, he created this earth for his glory and our enjoyment. How could anyone doubt that? Looking around and seeing this world blanketed in pure blinding white, I am reminded this is the way God sees us. Pure, whole and without blemish; because God sees us through the veil that is Jesus his son who came to take all our darkness and stains and cover them with his Grace and Forgiveness. All for one reason, his LOVE. God's love for us his children. Not the red hearts and chocolate and flowers kind of love, the forever long lasting heart filling peace and certainty kind of love.
Those who know me personally know I do not typically preach anything, my walk and my Christianity is between me and God, and I am not here to judge you. There are many different beliefs in this world and I respect that everyone has their own beliefs. What for me and my life is crucial isn't necessarily what is for you and your path or walk here on earth. I would make a poor minster or missionary because I do not like to push my values and views on anyones, or tell anyone they are wrong in their beliefs. I do not feel it is my place, and I do not feel God has called me to do this. I am a listener, I am a sounding board and a guide. This I am capable of doing. I aim to be a vessel of God's love to everyone, to encourage and boost and support. I want everyone to feel welcome in my presence and like I genuinely care, this is my calling. Now I have a long way to go, I am human and I have wounds and scars. I find myself holding grudges sometimes and have to work on forgiveness. Deep pain and scars mark me and I know they are there. This is why the covering of snow has such a profound impact on me. I want to see people like God see's us. I want to get past the pain and hurt and the guarding of myself for protection and trust that God will never let the world take over my soul. No one will speak ill of me or each other and the world will be full of blinding white pure love.
This is what I hope to experience one day. It would be great to have a taste of it here on earth but even if I never have it on earth one day I will feel that I will see it and I will experience it standing before my heavenly Father, beneath the blood of Jesus I will be pure as glittering blinding snow.

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