Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Like Hearts

Have you ever had someone totally unexpected plop into your life? I have recently had this happen again in life. I have had it happen more times then I can actually remember actually, I have come to learn it is God. He just knows what I need or someone else needs and PLOP here I am or they are in each others lives out of the blue knowing very little about each other but having the strongest bond of COMMONALITY.
Whether I have been through it before or they have or you only care about the same person this bond is there.

Today I opened my FaceBook page and read a comment and my heart reached of its own accord and I knew without a doubt I had been where this person is standing right now. I know exactly how she feels and even though I have never met this person face to face we have this common bond, and I knew her reaching out to me specifically against all normal relationship rules and etiquette was God reminding me we all live this life.
You see this person is known to me only through two young teenagers, my son has fallen for her daughter. They used to go to school together in third grade and then we moved away, we went back to play in this alumni band thing and they met again. My shy son whom doesn't talk much came out of his shell and asked her for her number. They have been texting and facebooking and calling ever since. I in turn accepted a friend request and here we are. What a small world. To feel another mothers pain and worry from hours away without ever really meeting made me think of this today. You see this young girl has to have a fairly serious surgery tomorrow and as a mother I understand the insecurity and worry and doubt. We all have that in common. We want to protect and shelter our kids, do whats best for them and keep the hurts physical and emotional from ever touching them. I understand this- on a gut level I understand. I know what she is going through and my heart reaches out wishing I could take the worry away.
I love when God reminds me. You know that feeling of feeling all alone standing in the dark wishing that someone anyone would step forward take your hand and let you know your not alone. We have all felt it, we have all gone through it, but what don't we see?
We don't see this connection with every other person who is standing just outside our sight holding us up in their thoughts and embracing us with hugs of understanding. I think that God is there all the time we just don't always see him in and of ourselves. It is sometimes so hard to see beyond worry or grief or hurt but today - today I am reminded how alike we all are. Billions a very different people- different ethnicity- different beliefs- different jobs- different lives but we are all ONE. We are all people- with worries, concerns, hurts, joys, loves, and heart breaks. We have all been there.
I wish I could drive 6 hours and stand beside this woman I have never actually met face to face and just hold her hand. Just stand there and be there so she knows she is not alone. I think well- society would label me a weirdo and borderline stalker etc- I don't actually know this person.... But you know I have wanted someone to do that for me. I can't tell you how many time I wish someone would just show up and take my hand reminding me - I am not alone. So maybe if we all followed and did for someone else what we wish someone would do for us..... There wouldn't be so many people who felt so alone in this world.

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