Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Year

Well, I know it's about time. I have been saying I would get around to this for awhile now, and share what my world is changing into, but really I seriously haven't had the time! Being a mother of 4 sons and a wife to a very busy hard working man does not leave a lot of extra time to write anymore.
I promised myself I would get it accomplished this year though and decided to just finally sit down and write. I will get into changes and stories and fun things a little later and will share some of the trials of the last 22 years but not today.
Today I will tell you this, I am a mom and a wife. I am 40 something. I live in the mountains of CO. I have moved 19 times in my married life. I have been married and deeply in love with the same man for over 20 years. I have 4 children, all boys ranging in ages 10 to 19. I home school, but not for the reasons most do. I think the public school system is basically good, and have utmost respect for the men and women who made teaching todays youth their career choice. I am a girly girl- always have been since I was born. I enjoy coaching soccer. I love to sing, and I enjoy directing or being involved in community theater. I have spent more hours then I could count in a theater, and only have had 1 really bad experience, that almost made me hang it up for good. I like to bake and am a good cook. I am a maid and like things clean, to the point my boys often think I am a obsessed neat freak on occasion. I drive a mini van (something I do out of necessity not out of choice) and on occasion a large 15 passenger van, which yes we own. I will drive a '69 Mustang that my husband and I will restore, someday. I do not act my age, age is a number and has no baring in my life. I am opinionated but rarely share my opinion. I am confident of who I am, yet shy and not very outgoing. I have been told I am very insightful, but also very naive. I'm a strict parent, and have amazing sons. I am often too hard on myself and have perfection-is-tic tendency's. I also tend to over explain myself :) lol

So there- thats me. I will write about my life. If you don't like it, don't read it.


  1. Colleen - I love it! Though I find it odd - you see yourself as shy and not outgoing - my memory of you is exactly the opposite of that! Either way, you have a great start here - I look forward to reading more!

    Brett (Hoff)

  2. LOL Brett, In high school I covered well, and most of the time I could play a part and be someone entirely different. It was easier to get through that way. I can not think of even one person who knew what was actually going on in my life in high school or knew who I really was. I was scared stiff of the lunch room, so didn't eat unless it was to grab a candy bar outside the wrestling room with Judi, Teisha and Dani, and that wasn't real often. I also was petrified of the 2nd floor senior hole- as I called it. Even my senior year I would avoid that and take the long way around just so I wouldn't have to go anywhere near it. I even went to bathroom in the morning before I left my house and held it all day long until I got home because I was scared to use the rest rooms. :) "That time of the month" in high school for me was a nightmare because I had to actually use the rest room.
    I was a lot different person then most people thought, in fact I have been curious to go back to a reunion now, but it always stops me because I am nothing like what anyone would remember, and I am scared again that I would sit alone and feel as alone as I did in high school. So I just don't go. :) lol